Hardcover and Dust Jacket of the book Ivana Ivković facing Morocco

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A book you must love, a book about a journey to be seen and read, a cinema book for those who love to travel. An intimate and authentic view of Morocco, the country that has inspired and attracted artists and travelers for centuries.

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dsbooks & Cultural Centre of Belgrade

Editor/Series editor: Dragana Radivojević
Languages: English, Serbian
Cover: Hardcover with Dust Jacket
Page Number: 464
Format: 20 x 23 cm
Illustrations: 380
TextFACING book series, Miroslav Karić; Three Colours for Four Steps, Jelena Spaić
English translation of the poetry: Igor Cvijanović and Željko Maksimović
English translation of the text: Željko Maksimović
Edition: March 2023, 1st edition, 200
Design: Dragana Radivojević
Paper: GardaPat Bianka, 150gr
Print: Alta Nova, Belgrade

ISBN 978-3-907135-02-0
ISBN 978-86-7996-280-5

© 2022 dsbooks Basel/CH

Content List

Edition FACING, Miroslav Karić, p.p. 19  /  Three Coloors for Four Steps, Jelena Spaić, p.p. 27  /  Legend, p.p. 45-46  /  Chapters: I The Gate: MARRAKECH, p.p. 47-120  /  Garden of Eden, p.p. 120-149  /  II DESERT SAHARA & 10 states of mind, p.p. 151  /  Sand Fortress: Caffe Tissardmine, p.p. 157  /  ALL ALL ALONE , p.p. 194  /  Panic!, p.p. 209  /  The Sheltering Sky, p.p. 223  /  The Ghosts of Old Lovers are Here, p.p. 242  /  Love / Hate, p.p. 252  /  DESERT MIND, p.p. 271  /  THE BODY, p.p. 291  /  OASIS (There is no better place than this anywhere…), p.p. 309  /  No Country For Young Women, p.p. 324  /  III DESERT RIDE, p.p. 333  /  IV AND MARKET DAY IN RISSANI, p.p. 341  /  V WHICH PART OF FEZ?, p.p. 355  /  VI QUEEN OF THE MEDINA, p.p. 439  /   VII Postscript, p.p. 447  /  Art Collection FACING, p.p. 454  /  List of illustrations, p.p. 457  /  Biography, p.p. 461

About the Artist

Ivana Ivković (1979, Belgrade) has gained recognition with her frank, intensely private and self-reflexive artistic approach. Her nomadic lifestyle – travels, frequent geographical dislocations and exposures to different cultural surroundings – has had a major influence on her work, which involves personal history, real and invented memories. The notions of identity and gendered experience are the main elements in her works, especially her performances. In the most unexpected way, Ivana Ivković shifts the infamous classical roles as played out between women and men, using the naked male body as a performative instrument within orchestrated scenes, thus reflecting the prejudices and beliefs of a certain environment, as well as the layered relationship between an individual and the system. Ivana has been exhibiting her work internationally since 2006. She has been a recipient of renowned stipends and awards, and her works are part of numerous collections: Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, ifa collection in Stuttgart, October Salon in Belgrade, Wiener Städtische Art collection of contemporary art in Vienna, Telenor collection of Contemporary Serbian art in Belgrade, Museum of the City of Belgrade. 

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